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eMCM Master of Communications Management

    The United Kingdom Telecommunications Academy (UKTA) In partnership with The Unive-rsity of Rwanda and the ITU have developed a Masters of Communication Management (eMCM) e-Learning programme. 
    This Master of Communications Management (MCM) programme comprises three distinct elements of PG Cert, PG Dip and Masters.  Each section is made up of 60 credits and the programme takes place over a maximum of 36 months. The programme will be taught through a combination of video and audio lectures and supported by information, lecture notes and Power Point slides through the Blackboard Virtual Learning Environment.  In this way students from all over the world can discuss elements of the programme with a UKTA professor and can meet as a virtual community whilst studying for this innovative programme. Please view the introductory video below:
Aims   The modules of this Masters degree are delivered in January, April, July and October each year and students have the option of completing the programme in from 1 to 3 years. Additionally, optional supporting seminars may be arranged if demand exists. These seminars are delivered by your UKTA professors and are intended as additional support for students who prefer some blended learning in their education. These seminars will be made available at an extra cost.
Who Would Benefit?


  The Master of Communication Management targets the human resource requirements for the ICT and Telecommunications Sectors. This includes engineers and managers working in regulatory authorities and providers of ICT, mobile phone, broadcasting, etc. Policymakers in ministries and government departments responsible for communications and ICT will also benefit from this course. 
Pre-requisites   Possession of good Bachelor Degree in Engineering, Computer Science and IT, Business Management, Human Resource Management, Law, and any related qualification from an accredited institution.
Content   This programme comprises four (4) 30 credit modules and a 60 credit Dissertation. The modules are:
    1. Legal, Regulatory, Policy & Environment of a Converged Society
    2. Project Management for ICT
    3. Human Resources for ICT
    4. Strategic Management for ICT
    5. Dissertation
Provider & Location   The Course is delivered online by experienced lecturers and professors from the United Kingdom.
E-learning Approach   For the eMCM, the four modules will be delivered through a combination of on-line learning and the provision of learning materials via the ITU academic platform. Students will be expected to spend approximately 120 hours on each module, of which 60 hours will be through directed blended delivery, involving interactions not only with the moduletutor, but also between the delegates within the programme. The remaining 60 hours will be through self-directed learning.
 Module Assignment   Formative assessment and feedback will be included within the Contact Time and Discussion Forums. As in the existing MCM, assessment for eMCM modules is by 3 theme reports produced during the module (30% of the marks) and an end-of-module written assignment of the equivalent of 6000 words. This normally requires using the range of concepts and techniques introduced in the module to analyse an industrial case study and to generate proposals for improvement. Assessment by coursework is deemed most suitable based on the experience of the tutors, as this allows maximum opportunity for the application of theory and best practice taught in the modules. As a rough guide, a student will be expected to spend approximately 120 hours on each module, of which 60 hours will be blended delivery and consolidation of module material via on-line activities. All feedback and tutor support will be provided via email. 
    Students will be given 4 weeks to complete the module assignment and the next module of the eMCM will commence immediately after the completion of this 4th week, making the total duration of a module in the eMCM as 12 weeks (8 weeks of blended learning followed by 4 weeks for the assignment).
Duration   After achieving 60 credits, the candidates can exit with an award of a Post Graduate Certificate, or after 120 credits,a Post Graduate Diploma. The total duration of the Masters programme is 18 months though can be increased to 3 years by studying 2 modules each year and completing the dissertation in the third year. (This latter option allows the tuition fees to be spread over a longer period) Current total tuition fees for the whole programme are US$4000 with each part being charged separately.
    The first programme will commence in April 2016.
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