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Creative design student Girihirwe, on promoting art through social media

Like many other businesses in the country, art is quickly finding a stall in the online market—where visual artists use different social media channels, such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest among others, to promote their products, improve their business and connect with fellow artists across the world. 

One of these artists is 20-year-old Fabrice Girihirwe, who believes that in order to succeed in today’s fast-growing world, one not only needs to be creative but also should focus on promoting their creations using technology.

“I spend most of the time on social media - especially Facebook and Instagram, which I use to promote my art pieces and connect with other artists,” says the self-taught painter—adding, “when you are still a budding artist, it’s usually not easy to penetrate into the market, so most artists resort to technology to promote their brands and create a fan base.”

However, despite the incredible talent, only a few artists manage to support themselves in the career they are passionate about.

Read more about Girihirwe from The NewTimes:


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