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Inspiration and vibe in UR - Nyarugenge Campus With Steven R. Shallenberger 



Students at the University of Rwanda – Nyarugenge Campus, were fortunate to host Steven R. Shallenberger, an American national who is a successful business owner, top-rated motivational speaker, executive coach, professional corporate trainer, and respected community leader. He has consolidated 40 years of success and leadership research into one of US best-selling book: “Becoming your Best: the 12 Principles of Highly Successful Leaders.”

Students and staff attended this seminar with great enthusiasm.  The seminar was a transformational event for both mind and behavior.  A core aspect of the seminar was the assignment to memorize: “Good, better, best, never let it rest, till the good is better and the better is best.”

Mr. Shallenberger challenged the audience to “think of the impact.”  How can we make our lives better?  He reminded staff and students that they have to know what we and our team are really capable of.  Students shared with him some life changing experiences.

He continued by explaining the distinction between Transformational Leadership vs Transactional Leadership,  saying  that each and every one among us is a leader.  First, we lead our own life.  And that in this life people tend to do what they think is important. He emphasized that we must lead with a vision and that vision provides leadership in the absence of supervision.  He gave us an example of visionary leaders.  He talked about his visit to the President of Rwanda, H.E. Paul KAGAME.  In that visit, Mr. Shallenberger was concerned about the effects of the tragic genocide.  Mr. Shallenberger asked the President what he did to “raise the flag” of our country, and the President replied that the only thing he is doing is INSPIRING VISION.

Mr. Shallenberger also talked about characteristics of a vision and how to develop a vision.  He explained that “your personal vision is the seed of your legacy.”  We have to know what gets us excited.  And he gave us an exercise of thinking our role and writing down our vision. We learnt another important tool, called “MANAGE WITH A PLAN.”  He emphasized that we must develop annual goals using roles and goals. A final assignment was for each of us to come up with at least one smart goal in each role. He ended by telling us that we must program our minds to success.

Prof Philip Cotton, Vice Chancellor of the University of Rwanda closed the seminar by thanking our guest.  He noted that the University of Rwanda aims to produce the next generation of leaders, and that we should strive to create a university that provides opportunities to be the best.   

The response from the attendants was very positive.  Many mentioned that the seminar stood to make a positive impact on their lives. 






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