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Student Life is here for you; our most basic task is helping students get the most out of their experiences at the university. With Student Life you can find your own niche on campus; connect with students within or beyond your residence hall, organization, or academic program; get involved in student organizations, leadership opportunities, and campus internships; and choose the student life options that work best for you.


Residential & Off-Campus Housing

Contact the student guild for more information about campus housing. We shall update this section shortly.

Where to Eat

All meals are provided at the students cafeteria/mess. Various pastries and tea are served for breakfast and a buffet of nutricious food is served for lunch and dinner. Here are the allocated times for student meals.

  • Breakfast (7:00am - 9:00am)
  • Lunch (12:00pm - 2:00pm)
  • Dinner (6:30pm - 8:00pm)

Sports & Recreation


Mental and moral development is just not possible without physical development, UR-CST therefore highly recognizes the critical importance of sports to the life of youths and to the training of a responsible citizen in addition to our core mission of equipping them with advanced skills in science and technology. Sports is therefore considered not only essential but also indispensable for all-round development of our staff and students.

UR- ST offers a variety of sports, including: Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Handball, Karate, Athletics, Chess, American, Football, Swimming and Marching.

Every friday afternoon is devoted to sports for staff. All staff are encouraged to participate and choose a sports activity from the available ones. From time to time, UR-CST sports teams and clubs participate and represent the university in various national, international and inter-university competitions such as;

  1. Inter University games organized by FERWASCU (Rwandese Sports and culture Federation)
  2. Inter university East African games and,
  3. Never Again Tournament

UR-CST disposes attractive sports facilities for football, basketball and Volleyball, Matches and tournaments organized at the college.

The Never Again Tournament - An annual inter-university sports competition organized by UR-CST with the main aim of remembering through the sports and cultural activities. Moreover, the tournament also helps CST community and participants to educate our young generation (Students from various University) the history of the 1994 Genocide perpetrated against Tutsi.

Inter promotion competition - An internal tournament organized with the main aims of promoting the culture of sports in CST community, creating cooperation, unity and team spirit among students. The tournament helps UR-CST to also build strong teams by selecting students with different capabilities to join the school teams.

Friendly matches for both students and staff which are used for purpose of enhancing spirit of cooperation,Relationship and friendship with other communities.

International Students

This section will be updated shortly. 

Student Clubs & Organizations

Would you like to join a Students Club or Students Organisation? Sign-up today!

1. Environmental Club

2. Anti–AIDS Club

3. Unity and Reconciliation Club

4. Rotaract Club

5. Drama Club

6. Karate Club

7. Cultural Troupe.

Health, Career Guidance & Counceling

Students Health

The College has a clinic which caters for students’ health. Cases that can not be handled at the clinic are referred to Kigali University Central Hospital (CHUK). All students are required to take medical insurance, which offers them 100% cost-free treatment as the college is not responsible for provision of medical care. The contribution of 7,500frw (10$) per year by each student for a collective medical insurance is mandatory. Students who do not have medical insurance shall be required to contact the Dean of students who will advise them accordingly.

New students are required to undergo a thorough medical examination whose results must be recorded and shall bear the signature and stamp of the examining authority, and which further must be availed to the Director of Academic Affairs during registration. On reporting to the College, some of the students may be required to undergo a further examination by the medical staff if deemed necessary. A student, who for medical reasons is unable to attend classes, must communicate it to the Director of Student Services and provide evidence to that extent. Similarly, students must inform the Director of Student Services immediately on completing treatment and being declared fit to resume classes.

Career Guidance 

Intern at the College

Positions will be posted shortly. 



Whats happening on Campus? 

+ UR Girls Basket Ball Team Recruitment - Register Here 


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