1. KIST Library is an Institute library.

2. Accessibility to the Library:

KIST Library is reserved for the following people:

* Full time and part-time students registered at KIST

* All KIST Staff

* KIST Alumini

* Outside readers with an authorization from the Library Management.

* The Library management, at their discretion reserves the right to accessibility.

3. Timetable and opening hours :

- Monday to Friday : 8h 00 – 24h

- Saturday : 8h 00 – 18h 00

- Sunday : 14h 00 – 21 h

The Library board reserves the right to alter the time.

4. Access to documentation:

4.1. In situ consultation

Whoever wants to enter the Library shall present the user card duly signed by the Chief

Librarian or, otherwise gets an authorization from the Library management.

4.2 Borrowing : General regulations

4.2.1. Borrowing is done on an individual basis up on presentation of the user card. The

user is responsible for the books borrowed.

4.2.2. Concerning non permanent staff, namely:

* Co-researchers

* Part-time Lecturers

* Visiting Lecturers

The card shall indicate the status of the user and the duration of his or her mission at KIST.

4.3 Take-away borrowing

4.3.1. Staff

- Teaching staff: A maximum of 6 books for 28 days renewable once.

- Other staff: A maximum of 2 books for 7 days renewable once.

- Language Lecturers: Where Language teaching materials are not enough, language

Lectures shall be given priority.

4.3.2. Students

# A maximum of 2 books for 7 days renewable once.

4.4. Documents that cannot be lent

* Reference documents such as dictionaries, repertoires , among others, which are

identified as such by a red patch

* Periodicals and other series publications

* Memoirs and Theses

* Other precious documents or deemed to be so by the Library.

5. 'Quitus' (Clearence form):

5.1. At the end of the academic year, the students must get from the ‘borrowing bank’ a

'quitus' certifying that they have handed over all the documents borrowed.

5.2. No official document will be issued in favour of a student who will not have handed over

or reimbursed the documents borrowed from the library.

5.3. This also applies to any user, who will have a problem with the library.

6. General provisions

6.1. Penalties:

6.1.1. The delay in returning the document is punishable by a temporary reversal of

subsequent borrowing for a period equivalent to twice the delay time.

6.1.2. In addition to the sanction provided on 6.1.1., any delay of two weeks will be fined of

5, 000 Frw or on a prorata basis.

6.1.3. Once a book is lost, the borrower will have to produce either a similar book or will be

charged twice its price.

6.1.4. If it is a periodical (magazine, journal, etc.) that is lost, the borrower will have to

produce either a similar periodical or pay five times its price.

6.1.5. Theft attempt or damage to the document The theft attempt or a case of noticeable damage to the document results in:

o the refusal of the borrowing and the use of the reading room for three months,

o Twice the payment of the value of the item that he or she attempted to steal,

o the payment equal to the value of the document damaged - In case of a second offence, the first sanction

( is coupled with a reversal of borrowing and use of the library for the remaining

academic year.

* a report is prepared for a possible disciplinary measure.

6.2 Behaviour in the library

* Every user has got to keep quiet.
* No hat, overall, use of mobile phone- whether it is receiving or sending messages, no smoking, eating and drinking in the library.

* Bags, briefcases and big files are left in ad hoc shelves. Users are advised to keep their valuable items.

* When users leave the library, they shall be willing to be checked.

*The library employees are in charge of a close watch over the people in the library rooms and control of services and access. The staff in charge of the access to the rooms are entitled, if they deem it necessary, to check the content of the users’ bags, briefcases or big files.
Note: Users are requested to willingly and courteously comply with the staff’s instructions.

6.3. Security

Being a public place, the library cannot be liable for any theft of personal belongings.
7. The library staff, under the responsibility of the Chief Librarian, is in charge of the implementation of these regulations, which are posted on a permanent basis in the library rooms.

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