Algebra workshop at the College of Science and Technology

04 Nov 2022

Today on 04 Nov 2022, The School of Sciences ,UR_CST hosted the workshop"Algebra". The workshop was officially opened by the Deputy Dean, School of Science,Assoc. Prof Banzi Wellars.

The processes of constructing and writing proofs and focuses on the formal development of mathematics are compulsory in the teaching and learning of mathematics, particularly at secondary school level. Our workshop aims to emphasize on the relevance of the role of reasoning skills by applying the classical mathematical techniques of proof: direct proofs, proof by contradiction, mathematical induction proof, counterexample proof.
The Lecturers of this workshop are:
1. Dr. Marcel Gahanyi
2. Dr. Kurujyibwami Célestin
3. Dr. Ruganzu Leo Fidele
4. Dr. Marcel Ndengo
5. Assoc. Prof Wellars Banzi.

Total number of participants :31


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