Frodouard MINANI

Last update : 2022-09-24 07:38:52

 Frodouard MINANI

Ass. Lecturer
Operational Communication

Mr. Frodouard Minani received his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science (BSc in Computer Science) with First Class Honours from the University of Rwanda, College of Science and Technology (former National University of Rwanda “NUR”) in 2014 and Master of Science in ICT (Operational Communication option) from the University of Rwanda, College of Science and Technology (former KIST) in 2017. Mr. Frodouard Minani has been the Coordinator of the School of ICT at Huye Campus from December 2019 till September 2022. Mr. Frodouard also did different responsibilities in the School of ICT such as E-learning Champions from 2017 and chairing the Online presence committee of the College of Science and Technology. He is a Member of the E-Learning Ecosystem Management Team at the Operational Level for the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program E-learning Initiative at the University of Rwanda. He participated in some international research conferences where he published some peer-reviewed journal papers and conference papers. Currently, he is the Assistant Lecturer in the School of ICT, College of Science and Technology, University of Rwanda and a Ph.D Student at OSAKA University, Japan in the area of Intelligent Networking Systems. His present research interest includes wireless sensor networks, network security, mobile communications, 5G system architecture & network slicing, Cellular IoT, and next-generation networks with deep learning (DL) and neural networks (NNs).
E-mail: f.minani1@ur.ac.rw & frodominani@gmail.com


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