High school girl scoops Mathematics contest amid international Pi day celebration

For the 3rd consecutive time, the University of Rwanda joined the world to observe the International Day of Mathematics commonly known as Pi-Day (π-day). The event was organized by the College of Science and Technology in collaboration with UR-Sweden Programme, the African Institute of Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) and East African Institute for Fundamental Research. The event featured mathematics competition for 53 high school best students from different schools in Kigali and countryside. It also included presentations that aimed to popularize mathematics and hence attract more students...

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A STEMpower Centre launched to boost science awareness in Rwanda

The University of Rwanda College of Science and Technology witnessed the official launch of STEMpower Centre. The Centre will strengthen Mathematics and science education by introducing hands on enrichment program in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics disciplines for pre University youth. This virtual lab will be used for training STEM students in high schools According to Prof Alexandre Lyambabaje, the University of Rwanda Vice Chancellor, STEMpower Centre emphasizes hands-on practicality, creativity, and skill-building. He added that the Centre encourages...

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The National Herbarium of Rwanda conducts field expedition for plant collecting at Karongi remnant forests

The National Herbarium of Rwanda in collaboration with the Institute of National Museums of Rwanda (INMR)/ Environment Museum-Karongi conducted a two-day field sampling trip in December 2020 along the shoreline in the remnant natural forests at Karongi (Nyakarwa peninsula and Mariri savannah). The trip presented a twofold purpose : First to investigate a region that has not yet been well sampled botanically and to collect specimens from the unique remnant forests along the shore to complete and enrich the existing collections in the National Herbarium of Rwanda. Karongi harbors riparian...

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UR teams up with REMA towards forest restoration and conservation

Rwanda Environmental Management Authority (REMA) and the University of Rwanda (UR) signed a collaborative agreement to provide financial support to UR postgraduate students to carry out research theses through the Landscape Approach to Forest Restoration and Conservation (LAFREC). The collaboration is around the project titled “Research project to improve management knowledge of Gishwati-Mukura Forest.” The Center of Excellence in Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management (CoEB) in the College of Science and Technology took a leading role to coordinate all activities related to this...

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New research elucidates Kigali urban land change dynamics over the past 32 years : A move for continuous urban land cover change monitoring

A recent published research has indicated that monitoring the complex urban land cover dynamics can be easier thanks to increased availability of analysis-ready Earth Observation (EO) data and the access to big data analytics capabilities on Google Earth Engine (GEE). This research was conducted by Theodomir Mugiraneza under the title “Continuous Monitoring of Urban Land Cover Change Trajectories with Landsat Time Series and LandTrendr-Google Earth Engine Cloud computing”. The research used Kigali ; the capital city of Rwanda as a case study. The case study is reckoned to be one of...

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UR graduate takes a lead to inspire youth to pursue research

Raymond Umazekabiri graduated in 2018 from Botany and Conservation option, Biology Department at the College of Science and Technology. Since graduation, he has been working at the Centre of Excellence in Biodiversity (CoEB) and he was able to upgrade his undergraduate dissertation into a research project which eventually got funded. Raymond (left) and his field assistant calibrating temperature data Raymond is passionate in the field of plant taxonomy and systematic, ecology and ecosystem services, as well as collection management. He is a National Geographic Explorer since...

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