A Conducive learning environment !

We knew at the very beginning that without having a safe and caring environment, learning would almost be impossible because students learn better when they are in a very conducive environment. The eco-friendly university environment setting makes a tremendous impact on students’ health and learning. We have established learning environments in all our campus wherein students feel physically, psychologically, socially secure. Our priority number one is to ensure that students in the bounds of the University feel safe and cared for. The faculty and student relationships help students...

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The School of Architecture new complex meets students’ expectations

Night view of SABE building The new building for the School of Architecture and the Built Environment –SABE at the College of Science and Technology became sensational since its inauguration in 2018. This school building covers an area of 5,600 square meters and has the capacity to accommodate 600 students. The unique internal and external features and the magnificent structure of the building triggered its architect Patrick Schweitzer to receive “A + Architizer Awards” in the category educational facilities, Institutional-higher educational and research facilities. Exhbition space...

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