The School of Architecture new complex meets students’ expectations

26 Jun 2019

Night view of SABE building

The new building for the School of Architecture and the Built Environment –SABE at the College of Science and Technology became sensational since its inauguration in 2018.

This school building covers an area of 5,600 square meters and has the capacity to accommodate 600 students. The unique internal and external features and the magnificent structure of the building triggered its architect Patrick Schweitzer to receive “A + Architizer Awards” in the category educational facilities, Institutional-higher educational and research facilities.

Exhbition space inside the building

This building has got wide rooms that make it easier for students to learn in a conducive environment with enough space for revision and studios for practices. This came as an overall solution to cater for congestion of classes but also give much-needed flexibility in teaching and learning process.

Students who use the building infrastructure are satisfied by the facilities set up which, according to them has improved the level of class performance and culminated into better results compared to previous years.
Besides, supportive environment enables students to be competitive to the labor market after graduating thanks to the improved learning environment which is impactful to their studies.

“With the availability of standard labs and studios coupled with easy access to the internet, the building offers us a significant boost in our studies and this is the motive to our class performance,” Said Blaise a student in Level III in Estate Management and Evaluation.

One of the halls of the building

Students in different schools also label SABE building as the best reflection of the school of architecture. According to some, the building typically encourages aspiring students who want to take up architecture career in the future.
“The school is an encouragement for students to work hard and come up with new innovation projects,” Ambroise said.

On the part of the lecturers, the new building is reckoned to have all facilities which make teaching smoother than it was before. The new staff office set up alleviates interactions among academics while easing effective management since all departments are in one place. In addition, services to students have become important as offices are much closer to student classrooms.


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